Why use a loyalty card when you can use a mobile app?

Why use a loyalty card when you can use a mobile app?

I have way too many loyalty cards!!! And definitely YOU reading this Blog post ! It seems like there is a Loyalty card for everything these days,from airlines to drugstores , fashion boutiques you name it. Now, MEDCO's new loyalty mobile app makes it easy to consolidate your rewards right on your smartphone. Yey , one less loyalty card in our wallets!

The MEDCO App is the new Loyalty Program offered by MEDCO where a user’s earned points could be easily redeemed. I have tested it and approved it and to make it easier for you I will summarize for you the important features you will be using most of your time.

First you need to download the app on your smartphones, it is available on Android and IOS:

Download it now!


After you have downloaded it you can now explore the features that are of benefit to you such as:

What’s New: 

This section of the application updates you on what’s happening currently at MEDCO:  latest offers, promotions, special hot deals and events.


My Points :

You will be mainly using this section of the application to accumulate and redeem your points everytime you visit MEDCO & Phoenicia stations

Collecting Points:

Once you fill up your car at any MEDCO & Phoenicia stations or buy groceries from any Medmart or Calmart c-stores you can start collecting and redeeming points. After any Cash Transaction for C-stores, Fuel, Lubes or Carwash, Ask for the Propeller Tablet where you can Choose “Loyalty”. You then Pick the Service you have used at the station between Fueling, lube oil change or car wash. Once the amount of transaction is set, you will be able to scan the barcode. The Camera will turn ON and you can Scan the QR Code following your transaction.


Redeeming points at C-stores :

C-stores invoices Now have QR Codes that can be scanned directly through the app.You can start accumulating points on your balance only after the transaction is approved by the system.Once the points are approved by the system, they will be added to the overall balance.

You can “Redeem” your points and “exchange” them into products/services at the station. if you decided to exchange your points into fuel for instance,  a list of all the stations where you could redeem your points will appear. And the same goes for C-stores. NB: Only the stations that host C-stores will appear within the list.

Now here comes the best part!

You can transfer your points to the NGO you Love! Isn't that amazing? :)

MEDCO- who already works with more than 58 NGO -made sure to offer you the choice of transferring your points to the NGO you Love and want to support, how fantastic is that ?


And Last but not least : Locate and Rate: This part of the app Helps you navigate through the MEDCO and Phoenicia Network where you can locate and even rate on the map each Station. You can even have access to all its services and you can call or contact them instantly.


For more information about this app you can call 1295 and ask MEDCO's costumer service team for more detailed insights!

Enjoy and collect rewards with a purchase you are already doing ;)



Tired and cant drive? Grab a pillow and nap at MEDCO!

Tired and cant drive? Grab a pillow and nap at MEDCO!

MEDCO's Lebanizi  Communication: Fekra Fazi3a!

MEDCO's Lebanizi Communication: Fekra Fazi3a!